January Heatwave

January 29, 2011


Gotta love Oklahoma weather. Yesterday and today have highs in the 70s. I couldn’t stand being in the dark dungeon, a.k.a. my office, knowing there was fabulous, warm, sunshine beaming down from the heavens. Especially so, since they’re predicting a massive ice storm to blow through here in a matter of days. So… we all bugged out early, I kidnapped my niece from preschool (with permission, of course) and had an impromptu date at the OKC Zoo.  It was the perfect day! Happy Weekend, everyone!  xoxox/L


Drumroll, please…

January 27, 2011

To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing.  /Eva Young

Well, here I am, exactly one month into my golden year, and just now getting around to THE list.  Coming up with 27 things to accomplish this year was far more difficult than I thought it would be.  For goodness sake, I have more than 27 items on any given day’s to-do list at the office, but for some reason when it comes to making plans for an entire year I get a little nervous and start making excuses.  Granted, there were some boundaries to work within…I mean, jumping on a plane to New Zealand, or even Seattle would be incredible, but not too realistic at the moment.  Speaking of planes….I got some pretty crazy “list” suggestions from my friends as well, like skydiving and bungee jumping.  Seriously, I know it’s at the top of most people’s list of things to do before they (_fill in the blank_), but I am about as far from an adrenaline junkie as you can get.  I have to admit, my list might appear a little dull to those of you who were expecting me to bail out of a perfectly good airplane or repel down the side of a high-rise…it’s just not gonna happen.  However, I can guarantee you that as clumsy as I am, there is great potential for a little danger in a few of my to-dos.  

I think I have been most surprised so far by the number of marriage and/or relationship-related comments and suggestions I’ve received regarding my Blog/List.  Anything from an idea suggesting that I specifically, marry a musician to people placing bets (yes, plural) that I’ll be married by the time my golden year’s over.  Not to mention, I’m nearly certain that my adorable best friend is confusing my life with that of the protagonist in a romantic comedy.  It’s interesting to me how often it’s one of the first things people inquire-or if they already know me, comment- about.  While the title “27 and Single” or “27 Blind dates” probably would have dramatically  increased my likelihood of being picked-up for a reality show, snaggin’ some bling for my left ring finger didn’t make the cut either. 

But, it will be okay, dear friends.  I’ve already begun writing a stack of formal apologies for the disappointment that’s causing so many of you :)

But, just for clarification…I’m not against the idea either. 

But, back to the list….

(Another one of my BFFs says I say ‘but’ too much)  But, anyway…

As far as the Golden goals go, I feel I have selected a pretty cute little variety….yes, “cute”.  And “pretty” too.  There’s nothing extravagant.  A few new skills.  A couple service projects (term used rather loosely).  Places I’ve never been.  Conquering a fear…  I think it’s the perfect balance between challenging and purposeful.  So, without further ado, here’s my Golden List of 27 To-Dos While 27:

1. Go horseback riding

I’ve never been.  And horses are awesome.

2.  Read the Bible cover to cover

Even though I go to church every Sunday and attended semi-regularly as a child, I am seriously lacking in Biblical knowledge. 

3.  Learn Spanish

I don’t expect to be fluent in a year or anything, but basic conversation dialogue is what I’m aiming for.

4.  Get a tattoo

Ohhhhh, controversy.  Love ’em or loathe ’em…it’ll be pretty.  Don’t hate.

5.  Get a passport

First step to ever traveling outside this lovely country.  I’ve got my heart on Greece.

6.  See a movie at the theater by myself.

I do pretty much everything alone, and don’t typically think twice about it…it’s the single lifestyle.  But, this and eating in a restaurant have always been two things that I thought were odd to do alone.  I figured this was the least weird of the two…

7.  Visit the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks

It’s been open for nearly 8 years, and I pass it at least once a month on the way to Tulsa.  Why have I waited 8 years?? 

8.  Travel to see a favorite musician on tour.

Everyone should do this at least once a year, dontcha think?

9.  Create at least one piece of art each month

This is a huge part of “me” that’s been on the back burner for far too long. I’ll be giving away each piece I create at the end of every month.  For free…depending on how out of practice I am, this could be a swingin’ deal or highway robbery. 

10.  Camp out…like, in a tent.

Never been.  I could care less where I sleep as long as it’s not too warm, but I admittedly, have issues with doing my “business” behind a tree.  

11.  Memorize a poem

Keats?  Frost?  Silverstein??  Why not.

12.  Give $100 to a complete stranger

I don’t view my money as really being “mine”.  Plus, who wouldn’t have a good day if they were given a crisp Ben Franklin?

13.  Try a new restaurant once a month

I love food.

14.  Plan, cook, and share a meal for a friend/group once a month

I love food.  And I am a really good cook.

15.  Learn how to drive a standard

I came pretty close to purchasing a Mini Cooper last year without ever having driven a stick shift.  Not my brightest moment.

 16.  Build something….out of wood?

Yeah.  Like, with power tools and nails and other things I don’t know the names of.

17.  Submit a postcard to PostSecret

I may even let you in on what it is I plan to confess…or not.  Oooh, the suspense!

18.  Learn how to hold and shoot a gun 

I’m the least excited about this.  In fact, I really don’t even want to do this.  I would go as far as to say that I’m anti-gun, but it’s not really a fair position to hold unless I understand them a little better.

19. Run a 5K

We’ll see how my old lady knees hold up.  I commit to at least one…more if possible.

20.  Take a ride in a hot air balloon

I’m terrified of heights, but the view from the sky must be breathtaking.

21. Watch the top movie of each year, from the past 27 years

I don’t even know what they are, but I think it should be fun.

22.  Spa Day

A complete day of pampering and no responsibility…here’s the kicker: without feeling guilty.

23.  Learn how to screen print

I’ve wanted to know how to do this forever.  Who wants a t-shirt??

24. Make check-up appointments with all my doctors 

Prevention is the best medicine…I say that at work all the time, yet don’t really live by those words.  I haven’t been ill in a very long time, but I haven’t taken the time to make my health a priority, either.  Good habits start early.  Step one: find doctors.

25.  Visit my great grandparents’ gravesite in Meeker, Oklahoma

Two of my favorite people when I look back on my childhood, and sadly, I haven’t been back since either of their memorial services.

26.  MOVE

I’m on the fence with this one.  Rent or buy.  Location.  Price.  There’s a lot to consider, but I would be ecstatic if I could get the heck outta here.

27.  Have a party to celebrate another awesome year and toast to #28

You’re invited.  Expect an invite in about 10 months or so.


See something you can help me with or want to be a part of?  I’m looking for golden buddies to help me mark things off my list :)  xoxoxL

Measure in Love.

January 23, 2011

Write it on your heart, that every day is the best day of the year. /Ralph Waldo Emerson


One Year.

=12 months

=52 weeks

=365 days

=8,760 hours

=525, 600 minutes


It’s hard for me to grasp just how many things are able happen in a matter of seconds, minutes, hours, or days.  In the shortest increment of time, there are infinite “moments” that occur.  So, what’s in a year?

So much joy.  So much pain.

Twenty-ten was no exception.  In fact, it would serve as a stellar example of the best and worst moments that life has to offer.  I witnessed the beauty of pregnancies and brand new babies, engagements and sweet weddings of people I love dearly.  Grew closer to old friends and cultivated new relationships.  Began a career of being a true “young professional”.  All sprinkled with a million moments of utter happiness and laughter with dozens of people in my life I am fortunate enough to call friends and family.

I am beginning to believe that there is a true balance to everything in life.  Looking back on the year, I without-a-doubt believe I cried just as much as I laughed.  I’m certain my heart broke an equal number of times that it jumped for joy.  I witnessed marriages end, and lent a listening ear to others whose relationships struggled and writhed in pain.  Hurt with friends whose only desire is to become pregnant.  Wept with my best friend until our t-shirts were soaked with tears, the day her father was killed…

It was a rollercoaster of emotions, those 365 days.  And then came day #366…or in my case, #9,856. 

A.K.A. my 27th birthday. 

I have nothing really exciting to report about that day in particular (sorry for the dramatic, lead-up).  However, friends and family had pointed out in advance that it was my Golden Birthday–something I had never heard of in my 26-plus years of life on this earth–but, apparently some nutty person in history had determined that this special day/year was the “lucky”one.

I imagine that this would be a really exciting year for some people… I however, am of the mindset that luck, flat-out just doesn’t exist.  I believe you’ve gotta work hard to get what you want in life (and ya gotta pray even harder!)  The combination of those two things, plus good decision making is your key to success. *cue Rocky theme*

Anyway… instead of totally blowing-off this so-called “Golden Birthday” (because, after all, there will never be another) I started tossing around the idea of blogging my golden year.  At first, I thought I’d do it for the sole purpose of documenting a period of my life, and to also use the platform as a creative outlet–writing has always been a very strong area for me, but have never pursued it as a hobby.  Plus, it would be great to look back on an entire year in a few entries and  photos.  There are so many funny and beautiful small moments in my life, and it often upsets me that I forget them so easily.  It wasn’t a bad idea, but knowing myself well enough to recognize my short attention span, I figured the singular task of documenting just for the sake of documenting wouldn’t retain my interest for the entire duration of a year.  I needed something that would require a little accountability.  I thought, next, about New Years Resolutions…and quickly resolved not to make any.  Soon after, though, came the idea of a bucket-list-of-sorts.  Bingo….small doses of the life of “L” plus:

“27 Things I Must Do While I’m 27” 

(FYI… that’s a lot of “things” and I’m still soliciting for suggestions!)

and tah-dah, a blog is born.


I look forward to everything this year will bring.  The unknown is frightening, but there’s so much that is gained in both the joy and the pain.  Definitely personal growth.  And without a doubt, that common thread that binds the good and the bad together: LOVE….  nothin’ better to give or receive.

So, I invite you, dear friends to follow me as I skip and stumble through another year…OR, even better- join me in one of my little 27 adventures and your face just might end up on this sparkly page!  C’mon, I dare ya :)       xoxox/L

Read “About 27&Golden” here!

525, 600 minutes

=8,760 hours

=365 days

=52 weeks

=12 months

=One Year.