Snowpocalypse//Thunder Snow//Ground Blizzard//Snowmageddon…2011

February 3, 2011


2011 Winter Death Watch


After 58 consecutive, lazy, wonderful hours of confinement from the winter storm- I pulled on several layers of clothing, my fleece jacket, coat, scarf, gloves, and cute new rubber boots to go chisel the Rogue out of my BFFs’ driveway.

At 6:30am.

Boy, howdy. It was COLD.

And dark.

And really, really cold.  So cold, in fact, that after round 1 of scraping the top layer of ice and snow off my windshield I came inside to warm up and nearly had a conniption when I thought my brand new boots were leaking.  Turns out it was a false alarm.  Probably just early signs of frostbite on my toes, since I had remembered to pack extra of everything but socks.  I calmed myself down, took a couple more gulps of coffee, and went back out for round 2.

I was really on the fence about going into work.  Not really the work part, but being trapped inside an uncontrollable vehicle sliding across the road into oncoming traffic, was what was giving me a little anxiety.  (I had no fear until the Christmas Eve Blizzard of 2009, when I slid into a ditch after hitting a giant patch of black ice…)  If my two temporary roommates weren’t already going to their respective offices today, I definitely would have stayed indoors for another 24 hours.  But apparently the business world gets a little antsy after 2 full days of non-productivity, which meant play time was over.

I made it to the radio station (…didn’t I tell you?) in plenty of time to address this week’s safety topic and hang out with my DJ buddies.  These funny buddies of mine find it highly amusing to occasionally embarrass me to no end by asking questions about my personal life while on air.  (My friends and family listening also find this extremely amusing, as I’m often accused for being overly private…which, of course isn’t true)  Today, however,  just happened to be one of those occasions.  It began with a news story about McDonald’s hosting weddings and it was all downhill from there.  We all got a good laugh as I turned a million shades of red, and by then it was time to go.  Since neither of my coworkers were going to be in the creepy, scary abandoned hospital basement, otherwise known as my office, I went back home to answer emails and attempt to dig myself out of the heap of paperwork that will be  even worse when I return to my desk.  I can’t imagine what a nightmare it will be playing catch up next week, but I’m pretty thankful that  the Big Guy Upstairs has a plan for making us slow down every once in a while.  Otherwise, I might miss out on making some pretty fun memories….

Snowy Days

Highlights of the past couple days: reading an entire book in a day, completing a tedious puzzle, watching it snow, playing and snuggling with baby Amery, blogging, watching it snow some more, cooking and eating really good food, hearing the fire crackle, drinking coffee non-stop, good wine, American Idol marathon, sweatpants, and laughing with my friends so hard it makes me cry.

I was nearly positive that I’d get at least one movie crossed off my list during the duration of being snowed-in, but it didn’t happen.

Not surprisingly, I’m not the least bit disappointed.  :)

I hope all your snowcations were just as merry as mine!



PS:  Two recipes that we made and were to die for are both from the Pioneer Woman: 

Sour Cream Pancakes <recipe here>, and Rib Eye Steaks with Whiskey Cream Sauce <recipe here>

Both recipes are in her amazing cookbook, and therefore, not up on her own site…so you should get the cookbook.   



Note:  I just reviewed my previous post <Sum&Substance>, and I must say that I’m terribly embarrassed about how many typographical errors are in it.  Spelling and gramatical errors are in at least the top 5 of my Pet Peeves list so, I should know better.  Especially since my Blog Guru, The Pioneer Woman, warned me.  Bummer.  Bloggy lesson learned.

One Response to “Snowpocalypse//Thunder Snow//Ground Blizzard//Snowmageddon…2011”

  1. Roxanne Foster said

    I didn’t even notice your errors sweet girl. Don’t worry about it!

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