The Pioneer Woman.

February 6, 2011

Saturday was such a wonderful day.

Not because my water had been turned off due to my neighbor’s frozen pipes exploding….

Or because I had to drive 20 minutes to Edmond to just to take a shower and brush my teeth….

Or that my most favorite restaurant gave me a wicked case of food poisoning….

Or that, since my pipes were still frozen I had to go stay somewhere else that night, only to succomb to said, food poisoning…


No, this is why my Saturday was so great:

 PW and BFFs

I met the hilarious, charming, beautiful, creative, Pioneer Woman.

A.K.A. PW, P-Dub, or her real name, Ree Drummond.

We waited in line FOREVER.

But when we finally reached her table, she was so friendly and conversational.

She told me she LOVED my outfit.

She told my friend Roxanne, that she has always loved that name.

We were on cloud 9.


And to top off the day, we got a picture with this handsome cowboy….

Marlboro Man

PW’s sweet hubby, whom she refers to as Marlboro Man, was chatting with everyone while she was busy signing.

The nicest folks in the world, I tell ya.


And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, when I wrote on her Facebook wall to say thanks for coming to OKC, she responded:

 The Pioneer Woman – Ree Drummond I did love your outfit! Gorgeous. Thank you so much for coming, Lauren!

How fun.




One Response to “The Pioneer Woman.”

  1. Roxanne Foster said

    I LOVE it. I’m so glad she commented back. SO AWESOME. We should probably regularly post on her wall now to make sure we’re always on the fore-front of her mind. Is that how you spell that word? Who knows…

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