Sweet Clarity Alise.

February 20, 2011


This is my precious niece, Clarity Alise.

She’s four years old.
Her favorite colors are pink and purple.
She loves turtles.
Her current obsession is Scooby Doo.
(She’s wearing glasses “like Velma” in the pic)
She’s very imaginative, energetic, and funny, too.

Every-other Sunday, Clarity comes to church with me, as she has done since she was a little over a year old.  She attends Bible class where she enjoys seeing her teachers and friends.  Then, I pick her up and we go to Worship together.  After communion, our church has “Munchkin Minute” in which the children go up to the front to talk about a Bible verse with our pastor, who usually prompts some discussion with a question.  This morning it was, “What is something that you’re good at?”  Many children raised their hands to answer.  Running, soccer, and other sports were common.  A little girl said she was good at drawing. Another boy said he was good at building things with legos.

 Then Clarity raised her hand to answer…
“I’m good at SINGING!” she exclaimed.  Our pastor, sensing her enthusiasm, asked her if she wanted to sing something. Of course, she obliged.  She belted out 2 verses of Frosty the Snowman, her favorite song.
On a stage, into a microphone, in front of over 200 people.
She received an auditorium full of applause.
Today something struck me as I sat in awe of my sweet niece. 
At only four years old, she is boldly individual, comfortably quirky, and a free spirit.
Things I often wish I was brave enough to be.
I am so proud of this little girl, and so thankful that I get to be her aunt :)

2 Responses to “Sweet Clarity Alise.”

  1. Roxanne Foster said

    I can’t believe she found another opportunity to sing Frosty at church ;) Wait a minute, yes I can. ;)

  2. Ninnyof3 said

    I loved every sweet note of her singing! Glad I got to be there and hear her witness the gifts that God gave her! She is a blessing and I know you love her so very much.

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