Travel log, 1 of 3: Lawrence, Kansas

March 15, 2011

I’m baaaaaack.

It has been way too long, I must admit.  But I have good reason.  Reasons, actually.  Or maybe, excuses….

First and foremost, my trusty old laptop decided to acquire a wicked virus several weeks ago.  It managed to cling on to the little life it had left with the help of seemingly hundreds of anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-whatever software, but it soon succumbed to the illness(es) and abandoned me, leaving me alone in Technology World equipped with only my smartphone… and you just can’t blog with a smartphone.

Hundreds of dollars later, I’m in good company with a new portable computer…with working parts, like a cd/dvd drive and speakers that I can hear wonderful sounds through. Now, if only I can figure out how to transfer a couple thousand songs from my old iTunes library…

The other major excuse for my absence from the blogging community is that I’ve been traveling.  Which is weird, because I rarely go anywhere.  Ever.  But in a period of only about 3 weeks I”ve been to 3 different states, spanning 3 different time zones…plus, daylight savings occurred while I’ve been in Colorado.  Without being in the office and having a normal routine in quite a while, I have no idea what day it is presently or time it will be when I return.  But make no mistake- I’m not complaining.

First stop: a quick road trip to Lawrence, Kansas with my friend/coworker, Roxie.  I only have a couple of friends that will splurge on a concert, and even fewer that happen to listen to the same music I do, so I was thrilled when she approached me with the idea of going to see one of my fave musicians, Joshua Radin.  The closest venues were either Kansas or Missouri, so we opted for the nearest one in Lawrence.

Anyone who’s ever driven through Kansas knows how exciting the scenery is.  However, something we didn’t prepare for: snow. It made the last couple of hours driving a little less boring, but unfortunately neither one of us had the forethought to pack weather-appropriate gear.  To make matters worse, the venue messed up on the concert time, so we ended up having to wait in line for 2 hours. Outside in freezing temps.  I had no socks….

All this said, the concert was AMAZING.  Opening acts were Laura Jansen and Cary Brothers- both fabulous.  And JR didn’t disappoint.  In fact, I never knew someone could sound SO much better live than they could on their record.  Like any good concert, it left ya craving more, and even more in love with the artist and the music than you were before you walked through the venue doors.

It was a super short trip, but not lacking on memorable moments.  I scared my co-pilot multiple times with my poor driving skills including unintentionally running red lights (seriously, I never see the ones that are on a vertical pole on the sidewalks) and nearly running out of gas (just so ya know, there are NO gas stations for like, 100 miles on the KS turnpike). 

Here’s a snippet from the concert (not by me) of Joshua Radin singing a Sam Cooke cover.  Enjoy….I did :)   xoxoxL

PS:  #8, complete!  Thanks Rox :)



One Response to “Travel log, 1 of 3: Lawrence, Kansas”

  1. Roxanne Foster said

    Oh my word! I forgot you took a video. It was SO good to relive that beautiful voice ;)
    Thanks for letting me being your (regularly scared) co-pilot!!
    Miss ya!

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