Hey there…It’s, um, been a while…

June 6, 2011

So, once upon a time (January), I had this adorable idea of making a blog about my “golden year” in which I would write about each month’s accomplishments, outings, and general life happenings.  And then life happened.

I suppose since I’ve technically already failed at my monthly blogging (seriously, my last post was mid-March…) there’s nowhere to go but UP!  I’ll attempt to pick up where I left off, and maybe even try to make up for lost time, but I’m making no promises.  In all honesty, if the internet didn’t keep such good record of this failed attempt, making it literally impossible to wipe 27 & Golden from existence, I’d probably just pretend like I never started it.  But then again, I also have about 30 friends and family that harass remind me about my lack of new blog posts on a regular basis.  Only people that really love you care enough to keep you accountable, I guess  :)

What makes writing today even more annoying….I haven’t really been up to a lot that warrants writing about.  Spring is extremely busy at work- Saturdays have been chock-full of events and before I really even thought about it, I had scheduled myself for 8 weekends in a row (although, work you enjoy doing is not really work after all…)  I’ve done quite a bit of traveling across the state and made a couple trips just outside, but unless you enjoy hearing about ginormous prairie dog colonies in Chickasha, or Amish communities in rural Kansas, I just don’t have much to share…not that I’m knocking rural Oklahoma.  You really can’t beat the folks in our state.  Meeting new people and teaching in the training courses have become one of my most favorite things about my job.  Here’s our two most recent technician classes: Ardmore and Binger.

I’m sure there is much that I’ve already forgotten, but here is my attempt to catch up on a few list items…this post’s theme is restaurants (#13).  But before we talk food  there is at least one thing I won’t forget from the past couple months:


I fell even more in love with our team this year.  So much pride and excitement in our city!  I had a LOT of fun at late night watch parties with my best friends out on the patio or cheering the boys on with coworkers when I happened to be traveling out of town.  I even managed to make it to a couple games this season.  Fun stuff :)  THUNDER UP!

Now, onto….

#13: Restaurants

Some I actually ate at a couple months ago (and have, since, gone back for round 2 or 3).  Others are more recent.

Cajun King— if you like catfish, fried chicken, or collard greens THIS is your place (not mine)

Big Truck Tacos— this place is hot.  Don’t go expecting Taco Bell, ’cause you won’t get it.  SO GOOD.

Manhattan— great little steakhouse in Edmond.  Great atmosphere and nice owners.  Food is pretty darn good, too.

Cafe 7— The pizza here is amazing.  My personal fave is the BBQ Chicken (don’t let the name throw you off), under $7 in 7 minutes or less!

Nhinja Sushi– order online, and for the price it’s not bad at all!

West— (overrated….but you didn’t hear that from me)  Zuccha chips are great, though and atmosphere is lovely.

The Metro Wine Bar and Bistro— have only eaten dessert there but, it was sinfully good.

Redrock Canyon Grill— okay, I’ve been here quite a few times, but I just think it’s consistently great.  Can’t beat sunset on the lake, either.

Outside OKC:

Edamame (Ardmore)– Just.say.no.  Who would have thought sushi in Ardmore wouldn’t taste anything close to authentic?

Two Frogs Grill  (Ardmore)–pretty good.  Interesting place.  Sadly, we missed Stoney Larue playing the night after we left :(

Interurban (Ardmore)–mediocre at best, but they have a big tv to watch the Thunder…lose :(

???? (Chickasha)–can’t remember the Mexican restaurant we ate at, so this is not helpful at all.

Napoli’s Italian (Chickasha)– Eh.  It wasn’t bad.

J&W Grill (Chickasha)– Okay, here’s the deal.  My coworker insisted that we eat at one of the burger joints in town and it was between here and another hole-in-the-wall named “Paw Paw’s Hamburgers”.  I chose this one based on name and “curb appeal”.  I’m not saying that it wasn’t good (it was).  However, the sanitary conditions in this place are CRAZY.  Everyone walks on pallets (ya know, what they stack stuff on in Home Depot) and they would wipe everything off the counter onto the floor, thus falling through said pallets.  And no lie:  I saw the grill guy pulling wads of hamburger meat out of a DRAWER that remained slightly open the entire time we were there.   Not an open seat in the joint and there were folks waiting for a spot….

That’s all I can manage to remember.

I have my eye on Saint’s in the Plaza District to try this month, plus, I’ll be traveling to Claremore in a few weeks….Stay tuned!

Definitely not one of my stronger posts, but I’m a little rusty from my blogging hiatus.  Bear with me :)


3 Responses to “Hey there…It’s, um, been a while…”

  1. Roxanne said

    Haha. Thanks for saying ‘insisted’, instead of whined and begged! Sounds nicer!
    And the prairie dogs made it in the blog! Hooora!!

  2. sgtboz said

    See…lots to write about after all!

  3. Ninnyof3 said

    Good to read you back! Regarding good eats, you have got to travel all the way to Meers, OK deep in the Wichita Mountains for a famous Meers burger. Hamburgers as big as a pie tin and the BEST coconut cream pie, cobler and home made ice cream evah! Of course, if you run out of things to blog about, go to every restaurnt in Ok in the name of being a pseudo food critic and just tell them your mission. Maybe you’ll get free meals and royal treatment. The downside is you’ll probably gain a lot of weight.

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