1. Go horseback riding

I’ve never been.  And horses are awesome.

2.  Read the Bible cover to cover

Even though I go to church every Sunday and attended semi-regularly as a child, I am seriously lacking in Biblical knowledge.

 ***(IN PROGRESS)***


3.  Learn Spanish

I don’t expect to be fluent in a year or anything, but basic conversation dialogue is what I’m aiming for.

 ***(IN PROGRESS)***


4.  Get a tattoo

Ohhhhh, controversy.  Love ’em or loathe ’em…it’ll be pretty.  Don’t hate.

5.  Get a passport

First step to ever traveling outside this lovely country.  I’ve got my heart on Greece.

6.  See a movie at the theater by myself.

I do pretty much everything alone, and don’t typically think twice about it…it’s the single lifestyle.  But, this and eating in a restaurant have always been two things that I thought were odd to do alone.  I figured this was the least weird of the two…

7.  Visit the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks

It’s been open for nearly 8 years, and I pass it at least once a month on the way to Tulsa.  Why have I waited 8 years??

8.  Travel to see a favorite musician on tour.

Everyone should do this at least once a year, dontcha think? COMPLETED 2.26.11

9.  Create at least one piece of art each month

(JAN)  (FEB) (MAR) (APR) (MAY) (JUN) (JUL) (AUG) (SEP) (OCT) (NOV) (DEC)

This is a huge part of “me” that’s been on the back burner for far too long. I’ll be giving away each piece I create at the end of every month.  For free…depending on how out of practice I am, this could be a swingin’ deal or highway robbery.

10.  Camp out…like, in a tent.

Never been.  I could care less where I sleep as long as it’s not too warm, but I admittedly, have issues with doing my “business” behind a tree.

11.  Memorize a poem

Keats?  Frost?  Silverstein??  Why not.

12.  Give $100 to a complete stranger

I don’t view my money as really being “mine”.  Plus, who wouldn’t have a good day if they were given a crisp Ben Franklin?

13.  Try a new restaurant once a month

(JAN)  (FEB) (MAR) (APR) (MAY) (JUN) (JUL) (AUG) (SEP) (OCT) (NOV) (DEC)

I love food.

14.  Plan, cook, and share a meal for a friend/group once a month

(JAN)  (FEB) (MAR) (APR) (MAY) (JUN) (JUL) (AUG) (SEP) (OCT) (NOV) (DEC)

I love food.  And I am a really good cook.

15.  Learn how to drive a standard

I came pretty close to purchasing a Mini Cooper last year without ever having driven a stick shift.  Not my brightest moment.


16.  Build something….out of wood?

Yeah.  Like, with power tools and nails and other things I don’t know the names of.


17.  Submit a postcard to PostSecret

I may even let you in on what it is I plan to confess…or not.  Oooh, the suspense!


18.  Learn how to hold and shoot a gun 

I’m the least excited about this.  In fact, I really don’t even want to do this.  I would go as far as to say that I’m anti-gun, but it’s not really a fair position to hold unless I understand them a little better.


19. Run a 5K

We’ll see how my old lady knees hold up.  I commit to at least one…more if possible.


20.  Take a ride in a hot air balloon

I’m terrified of heights, but the view from the sky must be breathtaking.


21. Watch one of the top movies of each year, from the past 27 years

I don’t even know what they are, but I think it should be fun.


22.  Spa Day

A complete day of pampering and no responsibility…here’s the kicker: without feeling guilty.


23.  Learn how to screen print

I’ve wanted to know how to do this forever.  Who wants a t-shirt??


24. Make check-up appointments with all my doctors 

Prevention is the best medicine…I say that at work all the time, yet don’t really live by those words.  I haven’t been ill in a very long time, but I haven’t taken the time to make my health a priority, either.  Good habits start early.  Step one: find doctors.


25.  Visit my great grandparents’ gravesite in Meeker, Oklahoma

Two of my favorite people when I look back on my childhood, and sadly, I haven’t been back since either of their memorial services.


26.  MOVE

I’m on the fence with this one.  Rent or buy.  Location.  Price.  There’s a lot to consider, but I would be ecstatic if I could get the heck outta here.


27.  Have a party to celebrate another awesome year and toast to #28

You’re invited.  Expect an invite in about 10 months or so.


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