According to a bunch of people, and Wikipedia (seriously, those are my sources) the year you turn the same number as your birth date is said to be your Golden Birthday.  Lucky….supposedly.  Fun, right?  Eh, kind of.  You see, I’m quite possibly the least superstitious person I know.  I don’t believe in luck- good or bad, for that matter.  However, hating to pass up the only year I can officially call Golden, I decided to write a little blog about what year #27 brings me.  To make it slightly more tolerable to read, I’m also creating a bucket-list of sorts…27 things I need to do while I’m 27, which will also be documented here, beginning to end, for your viewing pleasure.

The best 365 days of my life? Not likely- but I’m optimistic enough to dwell in the possibility of a few extraordinary moments!  ~L


One Response to “About 27&Golden”

  1. Rob Farrah said

    I like it!

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